Early Years

Ross & Sylvestre has a long history in the Bonnyville and Cold Lake area. Originally founded in 1979 by Larry Sylvestre and Brian Maguire, the firm was one of Bonnyville’s first accounting practices. Over time, as the town and its surrounding area became a booming heavy oil hot spot, new citizens and businesses were drawn to the community. Soon, the need for professional services was evident. Sylvestre and Maguire thus stepped up to meet this need.

Brian Ross and Greg Sylvestre

Brian Ross joined Brian McGuire’s practice in 1987 and became a managing partner of the firm. For the next 25 years, he and his operating partners grew the firm. They expanded the firm’s service offerings inline with the changing needs of the community. As an oil and gas town, Bonnyville is no stranger to booms and busts. As such, Brian and his team successfully guided many of Bonnyville’s citizens through some tough times… but always onward to prosperity. Greg Sylvestre joined the team in 2004 and a short two years later, became Brian’s partner. During that time, the firm strategically grew its Cold Lake office; it became an official branch office in 2006. Later, in 2014, the firm also opened a new and expanded Bonnyville office.


In 2016, Ross & Sylvestre LLP acquired Bryan Mason & Company, effectively creating the company’s Edmonton practice. That same year, Jenilee Melynk and Lise Gratton joined Brian and Greg to form a new leadership group for the expanded company. Today, due to the partners’ commitment and dedication to the firm and provision of quality services in its three communities of practice, Ross & Sylvestre continues to experience significant growth. The company employs a wide range of professionals with in-depth knowledge of various accounting, advisory and taxation disciplines.

While continuing to provide accounting, audit and tax services as it has since 1979, the firm has also adapted to its clients’ emerging needs for business and advisory services, helping local businesses thrive. The partners are actively working to build a bigger, stronger team to serve larger, more complex businesses and clients through all stages of their respective lifecycles.




“Ross & Sylvestre (and its predecessors) has been the accounting firm of choice for Digital Connection Office Systems since our inception, 16 years ago.  The partners and staff that work on our account understand our vision for the future, the intercompany relationships that drive our business, and how we need to strategically grow as an organization to meet our long-term goals. The firm has every resource available to meet and exceed our financial and accounting obligations and I can trust that all of our requirements will be handled, correctly and expeditiously.

Greg is extremely knowledgeable and is keenly aware of our financial situation at any given time therefore allowing me to focus on other parts of my business. Overall, Ross & Sylvestre is an outstanding firm that expertly takes care of all of our accounting and financial needs.”

– Troy Schmeichel, President, Digital Connection Office Systems

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