At Ross & Sylvestre, we believe in the communities where we work.


At Ross & Sylvestre, we believe in bettering the communities in which we work. Our partners and staff are committed to the wellbeing of our local citizens. We are proud to live, work and play among you. Whether we’re in Bonnyville, Cold Lake or Edmonton, we believe in doing community service. And doing it willingly. We think that stronger communities create stronger citizens. While stronger citizens contribute to a stronger economy. And a stronger economy leads to more businesses and more successful businesses in the very communities that we help serve, guide and advise.

As such, over the years, we’ve made community giving one of our firm’s core values. Our partners have sat on a number of local boards. They’ve given their time and provided resources. They’ve advised on financial and accounting matters. And they’ve shared valuable business expertise with numerous community and charitable organizations.

Past partner involvement includes local organizations such as the Bonnyville Junior A Pontiacs, the Bonnyville and Cold Lake Chambers of Commerce, the Effort Auction Society (Edmonton), Whitemud Equine Centre (Edmonton), Hearts for Health Care (Cold Lake) and the Bonnyville Health Foundation, to name but a few. We also continue to seek out new organizations that need our support.

Learn more about all of the ways we sponsor the communities in which we work.

Board and Governance Work
(Leadership Group)


Bonnyville Junior A Pontiacs
Lakeland Sports and Recreation Association
Affordable Housing Association 
Chamber of Commerce
Health Centre Community Board
Bonnyville Soccer Association
Bonnyville Ladies’ Curling Club
St. Louis Parish

Cold Lake 

Hearts for Healthcare
Kinosoo Ridge
Cold Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce


Whitemud Equine Centre
Whitemud Creek Homeowners’ Association
Effort Auction Society

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