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For the ease and convenience of our clients, we offer several technology-forward solutions. 

At Ross & Sylvestre we service over 2,300 individual and 1,600 corporate clients annually. And we value them all. As a Ross & Sylvestre client, you’ll have full access to all of our specialized services and offerings. From audit protection to DocuSign digital signing, we try to make the business of accounting easy and convenient. 

Audit Protection

While we don’t wish a CRA audit on any of our clients, unfortunately, they are an all-too-real possibility for tax-paying citizens and corporations. This year, over $500 million of the federal budget has been dedicated to increasing audit activity. Arbitrary audits continue to be carried out, irrespective of accurately filed returns. Even when your filing position is correct, there is no reimbursement from the CRA. 

Our Audit Shield Fee Waiver is a cost-effective way to insure yourself against a possible audit.  For clients that purchase this protection, Ross & Sylvestre will waive all fees for audit activities (e.g., response to audit, enquiries, investigations) related to CRA or other revenue agency audits. Our Audit Shield Fee Waiver provides full retroactive protection, so all previously submitted tax returns are automatically protected, provided that you receive full notice of the audit, enquiry, investigation or review during the term of the Audit Shield Fee Waiver Service. 

The Audit Shield program covers the eligible costs of responding to the following audits:

  • Corporate Tax Filings
  • Personal Tax Filings
  • GST/HST Filings
  • Employer Compliance Audits
  • Business Audits
  • Any query of any lodged filing where the client is compelled to respond or act

To learn more or to purchase, please contact your Ross & Sylvestre accountant or email us at

Client Portal

Our client portal offers our clients a safe and secure storage and sharing mechanism for sensitive accounting documents. Moreover, it eliminates the need for paper documents, an environmentally friendlier solution for our planet. Once you become a Ross & Sylvestre client, you’ll receive an email invite to join our portal. After you complete our multi-factor authentication process, a cyber-security best practice, you’ll immediately be able to access the portal via a web browser. You’ll simply login to review, upload or download files.

Not yet signed up? Please contact your Ross & Sylvestre accountant or to receive your e-invitation to enrol. 

Already have your user name and password? 

Client Portal – Instructional Video


DocuSign (Coming Soon!)

DocuSign offers a seamless cloud and mobile digital signature experience for our clients. Whether you have signed up to use our portal, or are planning to come in to the office to review and sign your filings or returns, you’ll be invited to use our DocuSign digital signature solution.

DocuSign’s powerful business capabilities are compliant with local eSignature standards and make the process of signing documents easy and convenient. DocuSign is simple to use and no account is required.

For clients interested in using this free service, please advise your Ross & Sylvestre accountant. When your signature is required, your Ross & Sylvestre accountant will send you the necessary document(s) via the DocuSign secure server. Users will open the document(s) in the DocuSign email where they’ll then be prompted to either digitally enter or upload a signature, or use a digital certificate to “stand-in” for a written signature. Simply follow the prompts to click and sign, and you are done! If you want to save your signature for future signing sessions, you can create a free DocuSign account. 

Our DocuSign release is expected for select clients in February/March 2019. Please contact your Ross & Sylvestre accountant if you have any questions about this service. 

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